A shortcut to grateful


Some days its hard to be grateful.

Especially if you are waiting for something to happen and it hasn’t yet, so you have put your life (and hence your capacity to experience joy) on hold until that unknown time in the future when you receive what you have asked for.

If you feel like you are in that perpetual state of being ‘on hold’ and are unsure of how you can find your way back to being happy about your life (the way it is right now) then try this:

Send a silent blessing of good fortune to a complete stranger.  Do it with a smile in your heart without holding anything back.  Then let it go freely without expecting anything in return.  Notice how you feel.

There are many spiritual maxims and quotes which all essentially say that ‘to give is to receive’. ¬†What this means is that by giving something freely, you open yourself up to receiving the same in return. ¬†But the trick is that you must give freely in the first place. Freely, without strings or conditions and without any attachment. It is easier than you think.

Doing something so simple as sending a sincere blessing of goodwill and abundance to a stranger will have the effect of immediately lightening your mood and bring a rush of joy straight into your heart.

Congratulations!  You have just experienced grateful.


The upside of grateful


Being grateful is one of the most misunderstood emotions.  Most people believe it is merely a response to an act of kindness which they have received from another person or when something good happens to them.

This actually puts the cart before the horse as gratitude is an emotional state that allows us to appreciate life as it is, in this very moment, without the need for anything external to happen (to us).

By letting everyone else off the hook and taking back our power to be grateful, regardless of what is or isn’t happening in our lives, we immediately place ourselves in a happy, optimistic and less stressful place.

When you allow yourself to be grateful, you will always find something in your life to be grateful about: all of those simple things you usually take for granted become a constant source of joy such as enjoying that first cup of coffee each morning.

This often overlooked and undervalued emotion enables us to live happier, healthier and calmer lives. Careful though, as being grateful is also addictive!


Life is a restaurant so be careful what you order


Did you know that how we react to people and events in our life affect what happens next?

Most of us believe that things (life!) just happens to us but that is not how the Universe works.  We are actually active creators of our own lives, not just passive recipients of whatever deal God (or the Universe or Source etc) might be handing out on any given day.

The source of our power to create our lives¬†is our thoughts.¬† In other words: what you think, you create for yourself.¬† The Universe’s answer to all of your thoughts is ‘Yes’, whether that thought is an intentional or a careless one, or about something you want or don’t want.

Imagine life as a restaurant where you are the customer:  the menu is a list of endless possibilities available on Earth and the Universe is the waiter, who will take your order and bring you whatever you wish for.  BUT, the trick is, the waiter hears only your thoughts, it does not matter what you actually say or do.

So, if you order the steak, but¬†then your mind notices the fish and then you start thinking about how much you dislike fish, how squishy they are¬†and could not bear to ever bring yourself to eat fish etc…. ¬†guess what your meal will be once it arrives? It will most certainly be the fish, because your thoughts cancelled out your order for the steak.

The menu options for this life are endless so be sure to order only those things you want the waiter (i.e. the Universe) to bring to you.


Have you checked your heartmail?


By now most of us are familiar with email, facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumbler and instagram (and more!) and use these social media tools to receive our daily dose of messages and information as we all have a need to feel connected with our friends, family, community and the world at large. (Some of us still buy a newspaper and tune into the nightly news on the TV too!).

This is not a rant about the ills of social media as having access to these tools is life-changing and allows us to engage with the people, things and places that are important to us. But we need to be wary when our addiction to social media overly influences us, tells us what to think and how we should feel and react to something. When we are constantly focusing on what is happening on facebook etc, it is easy to make the mistake of letting external influences tell us what is true for us and then make decisions and live our lives based on beliefs that aren’t even our own.

If you notice this is happening, you could try logging in to your own personal ‚Äėin-house‚Äô social media tool. It‚Äôs called heartmail. We all have it (no sign-up or subscription required). You don‚Äôt need to buy data to download your heartmail, nor are there any installation fees or fiddling around with a set-top box. It comes to us as a pre-packaged deal with a beating heart.

There are many spiritual concepts to describe the action of accessing your heartmail like: tuning into your Higher Self, accessing your Divinity, allowing Source to flow into your life etc. But you do not need to be a spiritual person or believe in any particular religious or spiritual concept to check your heartmail. It is just you listening to yourself.

Checking your heartmail is as easy as asking yourself a question eg What should I do now? How do I feel about this? Is this true for me? Your heart will answer you immediately and it will be the truth (which is sometimes a different answer to what you want to hear but that is a post for another time!!) Once your mind switches on your heartmail feed, the line stays open all the time and all of the guidance, support, love, knowledge and intuition you need throughout each day is there to assist you.

When you want to know the truth about something, check your heartmail.

**Hint: you will need to quieten your mind (i.e. stop reading this blog, shut down the computer, tv, ipad and put your mobile in another room!!!) so that the messages that your heart is trying to tell you can be heard in your head.


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